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Claims Assistance

Claims are the true test of a Broker’s role – they really are the litmus test of the commitment to service.

We pride ourselves on smoothing the process for fast and fair settlements. We understand that you just want action and understanding. Our advice and assistance is readily available at time of claims.

Just and Fair Settlement of Claims in a cost efficient manner by a proactive and time bound approach.


We are here to help you

Please call us. We will provide you with assistance and advice with a view of speedy claim process. Insurers settle the great majority of claims promptly and fairly according to the terms of cover but you should not hesitate to contact us if you feel your claim is not proceeding timely. As your Broker, we are here to help you.

We believe your interests are still best protected by lodging claims in the time proven way. You can start by calling us first. We can then be able to advise you how to proceed and we will notify your insurer urgently if circumstances so dictate. Subsequently you should submit claim documentation through our office. In this way we are aware of the progress of your claim and are able to offer assistance when needed.

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